In the construction of new channel lines and displacement of channel lines, the pipe slope is placed under control. We provide 100% solution guarantee for your waste water and rain water problems.


Transition of drinking water and landscaping irrigation works. (2011 – 2013 Iraqi Baghdad Airport landscaping irrigation pipeline passage completed)


Transmission of telecommunication and internet lines.


Pressure pipeline transitions are not mistakes, require experience and expertise.


Transfers and transfers of LV, MV and HV lines underground.

Infrastructure Solutions

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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Business Process

As a conduit based company,
We are committed 100% solution to your conduit problems.

  • 1. On-site exploration for the work to be done.

  • 2. A contract is concluded between the parties.

  • 3. The employer will deliver the business on time and in full.

  • 4. The job is received and completed.

  • 5. Job approval is obtained by the employer or his representative.

  • 6. The completed work is delivered on time and complete with the drilling chart.